Organic Brushed Potato

Organic Brushed Potato

Organic Brushed White potatoes are considered an all-purpose organic potato. These potatoes are high in nutrients and virtually fat free. Buy online at

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Organic Brushed Potatoes

Organic Brushed White Potatoes are an all-purpose potato. They have light brown to white skins and white flesh. These potatoes are high in nutrients and virtually fat free. They can be baked, fried, boiled, grilled, mashed, and added to any stew or casserole.

Organic potatoes can be bought in large or small quantities and stored in a dry, dark place. A cool temperature is preferred, but do not store potatoes in the refrigerator. A cabinet or cellar is ideal. Avoid using potatoes with green patches or shoots. Potatoes are root vegetables and need to be scrubbed thoroughly to remove dirt and debris before cooking.

Did you know?

Potatoes are a very healthy food by themselves. Most of the fat and kilojoules that are consumed with potatoes are put there in the preparation. Chips absorb fat while frying. Look for thick cut or wedge style chips because they do not absorb as much oil. Top potatoes with low fat toppings and don’t oil the skins before grilling or baking.

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