Non Sandwich Lunch Box Ideas

Non Sandwich Lunch Box Ideas

What if we told you, there were other lunch box substitute’s other than sandwiches? Sometimes the idea of eating another lunch box sandwich for the 17th time in a row can be extremely off putting for your child. Fear not, Buyfruit has some fantastic ideas to help make your kid’s lunch box the envy of the school playground.


The great thing about wraps is you can use identical ingredients you would have used for a sandwich but in a wrap. Often wraps get a bad reputation for being dry and lackluster in flavor as the tortilla dominates your taste buds. Buyfruit recommends choosing flavoursome condiments and spreads like yoghurt, hummus or cream cheese. All of these spreads are a healthy alternative to the saturated fat heavy butter. Buyfruit recommends going heavy on the leafy greens and herbs, basil, parsley, spinach and kale are a few of our favourites. Unless you toast your wrap, they will often miss a crunchy element, which is why we recommend putting in some raw veggies. Shredded carrots, radishes, diced cucumber and cabbage are all excellent elements to use within your wrap.


Nothing beats leftovers, and one of the best leftovers is pasta. It’s cheap, nutritious, quick to make and keeps you full, thanks to the high carbohydrate content. Some of our favourite pastas include spaghetti, penne, fettuccine and ravioli.  You can purchase pre-made pasta sauces and add vegies such as beautiful button mushrooms.


Tuna and crackers

Tuna is a superfood, it’s packed full of protein and vitamins and when added to a cracker you have a match made in heaven. If your child does not like tuna, replace with ham or shredded chicken. The best crackers we have found to use are brown rice and multigrain crackers.


Fried Rice (vegetarian or meat)

Rice is so easy to make in bulk when preparing a stir fry dinner or any other rice dish. You can make this fried rice as healthy as you please and add things like chicken, peas or leftover vegetables from the night before.


Boiled Eggs

No longer just a traditional breakfast item, boiled eggs are already a lunch box hit for many children in Australia. They don’t require refrigeration and their reputation as being a cholesterol causing time bomb has been proven wrong. According to the CSIRO’s research on egg consumption, it is safe to eat eggs on a daily basis and they should be incorporated into a balanced diet. Buyfruit recommends adding some salt and pepper to your boiled egg to keep even the fussiest child happy.


Taco Salad

Mexican food fever has struck Australia, with more Aussies eating Mexican than ever before. A taco salad contains everything your normal hard shell taco kit contains, the only difference is you crush up the taco shells and mix everything together to make a salad of infused flavours. You can be smart here with your ingredients and use low fat alternatives to your favourite condiments. You can make your own taco seasoning using basic spices like paprika, cumin, oregano, chilli, onion and garlic powder and salt and pepper. This is a much healthier alternative to the sodium-heavy pre made seasoning that comes in a packet. Look out for low fat sour cream and cheese to keep your saturated fat content to a minimum.