How to know exactly what fruit and vegetables are in season

How to know exactly what fruit and vegetables are in season

Mother Nature has a wonderful way of providing us with what we need, when we need it. Citrus are at their best in winter to ward off coughs and colds. Then, when we’re ready to come out of hibernation, spring brings us an abundance of leafy salad vegetables. And delicious fruits, like mangoes and stone fruit, cool us down over the hot summer months.

There are so many reasons for buying fruit and vegetables when they are in season. Seasonal produce provides us with the best flavour, it’s packed with more nutritional benefits and it usually comes at the best price. But with more produce available throughout the year, it can be hard for the everyday shopper to know exactly what’s in peak season and what’s not.

Enter the BuyFruit and Your Local Fruit Shop owners. These guys are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fresh produce, and they love sharing that information with their customers. There are lots of ways you can tap into their expertise to make sure you are buying the freshest seasonal produce every week.

If you’re looking for a quick snap shot of what’s in season throughout the year, check out our handy Fruit and Vegetable Guides. These guides list the availability of more than 100 common fruit and vegetables (along with a few not-so-common ones) complete with a colour photograph and nutritional benefits. There’s also a Herb Guide to compliment the suite, outlining various herbs and how you can use them to give a flavour boost to your cooking. All three guides are available from Your Local Fruit Shop, or even better, you’ll receive the three brochures when you order your BuyFruit box in July.

While our seasons are set in stone by the calendar, Mother Nature sometimes has other ideas, and the reality of when produce is available is sometimes a little different. Just look at what happened to tomatoes after Mother Nature decided to wreak havoc on us all with Cyclone Debbie. So if you’re after a more detailed picture of what’s happening in the world of fruit and veg, check out the BuyFruit blog to get a monthly seasonal update.

You can also follow the BuyFruit and Your Local Fruit Shop Facebook pages for great weekly produce videos taken straight from the fruit shop owners mouth. Brisbane Produce Market also post a really helpful weekly produce report on their website so you can get an idea of what’s good buying each week.

And of course, you can always contact your BuyFruit store owner directly and ask a question. They are always happy to help.

Hot tip from a BuyFruit store owner: the price of tomatoes are expected to come down in the coming weeks.