The Power of Citrus

The Power of Citrus

Best known for its high levels of vitamin C, just one Australian orange will actually give you twice the recommended daily intake. But there’s a whole lot more goodness packed into these zesty fruits, including grapefruit, lemons and limes.

High in anti-oxidants (in fact, citrus has the highest level of all fruit types), citrus fruit boosts your immunity system which is great when all those nasty bugs are doing the rounds. They can also protect you against cancers and heart disease, and research has shown that citrus can reduce the odds of breast cancer by up to ten percent.

Plus there’s good reason why orange slices are so popular to suck on at half time during a sporting match. A natural replacement for power drinks, they boost your energy and keep you firing on all cylinders to get you through your game.

Citrus is also great for brain function, so try replacing your morning coffee with a freshly squeezed combo of orange, lemon and lime juice. It will help you wake up, stop those morning grumps and leave you feeling more alert. It’s also a great pick-me-up when you feel yourself fading in the afternoon.

Citrus fruit is so easy to add to your diet over summer. Squeeze some juice into your smoothie in the morning, eat an orange or grapefruit as a snack, or add some orange slices to a lunchbox (tip: try cutting into quarters or eighths and then holding the orange together with a rubber band for a great lunch box addition). You can also add some slices of citrus to a dull green salad to give it a zing, or liven up your celebratory drinks during the silly season with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.

So look after yourself this summer, and add some citrus to your fruit box order.