A Royal Experience With Gala Apples

A Royal Experience With Gala Apples

It’s Royal Gala Apple season time!  Being fairly resistant to bruising, the gala apple is sweet, mild and has a thinner skin compared to other apples.  

The Royal Gala apple is a cross breed between a Golden Delicious and a Kidd’s Orange Red apple.  It was first planted in New Zealand in the 1930s, however was later patented by an American nursery in 1974.  

Gala apples are small and red with some areas of green and yellow.  They are ideal for snacking which can explain why that 65% of people eat Gala apples at lunch time, rather than during dinner or breakfast.  

Apple sauce can also be made with gala apples.  Foods that compliment Gala apples include almonds, cheese and sugar.  A sweet white wine or herbal tea is also a suitable partner.  

You can spot a quality gala apple by choosing ones that are blemish free and are firm to touch.  They usually smell sweet and have smooth skin.  

If Royal Gala apples are ever not in season, suitable substitutes are Fuji, Mcintosh and Red Ladies apples.  

Correct storage will prolong the life of Gala Apples by refrigerating them.  Apples that are kept on the kitchen bench will store well, however only for a shorter period of time. 

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