What's in season this March

What's in season this March

March brings the arrival of new season apples and pears, and the bon voyage of stonefruit and Mangoes. An unusually wetter Summer has seen many crops damaged, forcing us to pay higher than expected prices for our favourites like Strawberries. We spoke to Buyfruit store owner, Luke from Westridge Fruit & Vegtables to find out what's available throughout the month of March.


  • Red Delicious, Royal Gala and Fuji apples from Stanthorpe are now available on buyfruit website. If you are after a sweeter style apple buyfruit recommend Fuji which taste great in salads, pies and sauces.


  • January saw a very well publicized shortage of avocadoes around Australia. The reason for the shortage was due to a cross over in season and an increase demand in export requirements. We are pleased to announce new season Shepard avocadoes are in stock and plentiful.


  • The unpredictable weather has made berries a bit of a delicacy lately. Expect to not only pay more for your berries but also the quality to deteriorate quicker. Buyfruit recommends consuming strawberries and blueberries within 48 hours of purchase.


  • Buyfruits fruit of the month goes to the antioxidant super fruit plumb. Plums are readily available, and are excellent buying for March. Look out for Black Majesty, Candy Giant, sugar plum and the illustrious Queen Garnett.


  • We can’t leave out what’s in season without talking about vegetables. Beetroot is an underrated vegetable that is all too often over looked. Its sweet earthy flavor is delicious raw or cooked. Peel beetroot and sliced thinly to enjoy in salads, roasted whole wrapped in foil until tender, serve warm whole or dice to add to a risotto. They are good buying at the moment so make sure you grab a bunch to add some colour to your diet.

Can’t decide what produce to buy? Buyfruit offer seasonal fruit and veg boxes delivered straight to your door. We have available Autumn boxes starting from $33 for a couple.