Cold and Flu Season? Soooo Last Season...

Cold and Flu Season? Soooo Last Season...

Ah, winter. Even in beautiful Queensland, where the seasons are all so lovely, there’s been no need for daylight savings time since 1972, the cooler weather can bring with it an avalanche of colds and flu and absenteeism from the workplace.

There’s an easy solution to help keep your workplace employees healthy, happy and productive during the winter, though – a regular fruit delivery from Their selections of seasonal fruits come with enough benefits to help your office sail through cold and flu season without even one little HR issue over who’s leaving snotty tissues by the printer.

The obvious stars of winter are the citrus fruits – oranges, passionfruit, and mandarins. Packed full of vitamin C (the latest studies suggest this won’t stop you from getting a cold, but it will make one shorter) and other antioxidants, your employees will be fighting off germs like the stars of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

And since we’re talking about China, why not mention the 2016 Chinese study(1) which found that people who ate the most fruit and vegetables had a 40% lower risk of death from heart disease or stroke, compared to those who ate the least? Perhaps you should order two fruit boxes a week during the winter…

As a heart disease fighter, apples are a clear winner: a 2000 Finnish study(2) (and Finland winters are cold) found that an apple a day reduced the chance of certain types of stroke by up to 50%, while apples are also known for their cholesterol-reducing properties, which reduce the risk of heart attacks. Remarkably, a 2013 British study(3) found that giving an apple a day to every person over age 50 would prevent almost as many heart attacks as prescribing statins – powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs – to everyone over 50 who was not already taking them! Blueberries and apples are also both rich in immune-boosting flavonoids, making them powerful cold-fighters.

A 2015 New Zealand study(4) showed that adults who ate flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables were 33% less likely to catch a cold or other upper respiratory tract infection than people who didn’t eat them. (Eating onions is also a great way to get more flavonoids, but they are somewhat frowned upon in the office.) There’s one more winter plague that can be warded off with fresh fruit: the winter blues. While Queenslanders usually get enough sunshine to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that strikes in winter, the change in season can still leave you tired, grumpy and unable to focus.

Luckily, fruits including blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries all help slow the release of cortisol, which helps the brain regulate emotions and fight winter sadness.

With a selection of fresh fruits from BuyFruit in your office during winter, you’ll be supporting regional growers and small businesses while helping your staff stay healthy, stay happy, and most importantly – stay at work.