Kitchen Countertop Makeovers

Kitchen Countertop Makeovers

It’s not easy to do the grocery shopping every week – especially when you have children tagging along. Trying to grab enough potatoes for Sunday’s roast chicken before a small hand pulls you towards the neon-coloured snack bars or microwave popcorn selection can be exhausting. Then there’s the chore of getting all your groceries to the car, then out again and into the house – how is that even though it only rains every 1 in 4 days in Brisbane, it always manages to be pouring when you’re trying to drag in your grocery haul?

Luckily, there’s a better way to make sure your family always has a steady supply of healthy fruits and vegetables – and even better, they deliver. has a selection of fruit and vegetable boxes, or fruit-only boxes, that are perfect for stocking your kitchen – and your kid’s lunchboxes – with delicious, nutritious treats.

Based in Brisbane and serving only Southeast Queensland, BuyFruit orders are filled by a trusted network of local fruit shops in a neighbourhood near you – so your produce is always fresh, seasonal, and top-quality, while your purchase supports regional growers and small businesses. And with the convenience of fruit and vegetables home-delivered once a week (or more or less often – you decide!), it will be easier for you to finally stick to that meal plan and get your spouse and kids on a healthy diet.

In fact, a 2015 US study found that keeping fresh fruit out in the open had a significant impact on people’s weight, especially women. The women in the study who kept fresh fruit out on their kitchen countertop or in other visible parts of their kitchens tended to be a healthy weight compared to their peers, but when snacks and cereals were visible instead of the fresh fruit, those women weighed an average of 9kg more! When you have healthy options available, you’re much more likely to take advantage of them. And with the delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables available from BuyFruit, the kids won’t even protest when you suggest berries and yoghurt instead of radioactive-tinted sugary cereal in the mornings.

As for the Sunday roast, you’ll never be without enough vegetables again – in fact, you might even be inspired to try some new ones. If you’d like to give your kitchen countertop – and your family’s diet – a healthy makeover, get in touch with BuyFruit and start having fruit and vegetables delivered to your home today. Make it easy to reach for a healthy snack every time you have a craving – because running a household is already difficult enough!