Get Your Team to Eat Their Greens and Forget The Blues

Get Your Team to Eat Their Greens and Forget The Blues

Queensland business has been hit with an unexpected morale killer this past week… the Maroons lost to NSW in the annual State of Origin tournament, which might not seem like much of a problem in a modern, progressive workplace where not everyone is obsessed with the rugby… until you look at the studies.

A 2016 study from Greece(1)   that looked at the four-week diaries of public sector workers who were also soccer fans found that when their teams lost, the adverse effects were likely to spill over to the workplace and have undesirable effects on employee’s “daily work engagement and performance.” Even workers who aren’t interested in football aren’t going to be happy if half their coworkers show up surly and depressed (or hungover!) on Monday after a significant sporting loss – or just don’t show up at all (a 2019 study of US Super Bowl viewers found that 5% planned to miss work completely the next day, 3% planned to show up at least an hour late or take a half day, and 12% expected to go to work hungover and tired.)(2)

The authors of the Greek study concluded that:

Managers should recognize employee’s negative affect resulting from dissatisfaction with the performance of their favourite football team and demonstrate transformational and supportive behaviours to reduce adverse work outcomes.

What’s a great transformational and supportive behaviour? Encouraging employees to feel better – and healthier – with a beautiful big basket of locally-grown fruit and vegetables, delivered fresh and ready to boost morale with a burst of cheerful colour in even the gloomiest Maroons-mad workplace. is a Brisbane-based fruit and vegetable delivery service that services Southeast Queensland with produce orders filled by trusted local fruit shops in the Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, and Gold Coast areas, using fresh produce from the Brisbane fruit market – how’s that for an epic Queensland win?

By organizing a regular delivery from, Queensland companies can ensure their workers stay happier and healthier throughout the year no matter what happens – from the Maroons losing the State of Origin to your junior manager making a big mistake by not checking exactly who was booking their Airbnb doing Schoolies week. And the best part? Last we checked, not one type of produce in season in Queensland right now is blue.