In The War For Talent, Who Pears Wins

In The War For Talent, Who Pears Wins

For most Aussie businesses, it’s always been much harder to find enough well-qualified, dedicated, conscientious employees to fill empty positions than it has been to find your business swimming in a surplus of great candidates. Attracting the best and the brightest to your workforce has always been the primary goal of managers and recruitment specialists in Australia, even when it’s felt like an impossible challenge to snap up the few most promising recruits before a competitor does.

So what makes a perfect candidate choose your business over a competitor? And is there truly something you can do for less than $50-70 per week to make a drastic improvement in the number of potential new hires who choose you?

There sure is: a fruit box from A 2018 study(1)  by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that 87% of respondents reported that they would prefer to be employed by someone who provides health and well-being support than a company which doesn’t. The survey found that 44% of companies who provided employee health support experienced better employee morale and management, 35% saw a healthier and more inclusive culture, 31% achieved a lower sickness absence, 22% of companies enhanced their employer brand, 20% reduced work-related stress, 19% experienced better staff retention, and 17% saw improved productivity.

But companies don’t need to spend a fortune on “employee wellness experts” to attract top talent to their workplace – just having a box of fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to employees once or twice a week can have a considerable impact. A 2017 survey(2)  conducted by UK industry body British Summer Fruits questioning 2,000 employees in the UK showed that 55% of respondents thought their mood, productivity and stress levels at work would be improved if they were provided with healthy food, like fresh fruit, by their employers.

A 2013 UK study(3)  found that providing fresh fruit in the workplace increased employee productivity by more than 10 per cent, considerably boosted energy levels in employees and helped encourage workers to adopt a healthier lifestyle overall.

More than 76% of the people who took part in the study said that being provided with free fresh fruit made them feel more valued, and more than 80% reported that having fresh fruit available in the workplace had improved their quality of life at work.

In the war for talent, a regular fruit box delivery from could be what makes your new recruits fall in love with your business and never want to leave.