5 Incredible Benefits of Fruit in the Workplace

5 Incredible Benefits of Fruit in the Workplace

1. Your Employees Want Fruit

A 2016 survey(1) of Australian office workers found that the average employee snacks three times a day at work and spend $984 of their own money on snacks per year. Biscuits were the most available snack in Aussie offices (73%), but the surveyed office workers were actually more likely to eat fruit – fruit they generally had to bring from home and pay for out of their own pockets.

Imagine how happy your employees would be if they didn’t have to remember to shop for and pack their own snack stash each morning and could rely on a selection of delicious fresh fruit always being available for them when they start to feel their energy levels dip. Fruit box deliveries are a simple, convenient and affordable perk that your employees will really value – and that means they’ll really value working for you.

2. Cut the Coffee Run

Is there someone in your workplace who regularly has to duck out for almost 45 minutes to wait in line at a local coffee shop, recite a dozen individual orders to the barista, and then somehow try to carry them all back to the workplace without spilling anything (or mistaking Sally’s soy decaf for Jan’s Triple shot espresso?)

Fruit in the workplace solves this problem two ways: first, fruit is a natural energy booster, meaning your co-workers’ coffee cravings will be much reduced; and second, when you provide tasty snacks (and decent drinks) in the workplace, there’s less need for anyone to leave the building on a search for sustenance. Take back that hour (once you factor in taking orders) every day and make it productive time instead – that’s five more hours of productivity a week, or around ten days of work time each year.

3. Memory Booster

A 2012(2) study found that flavonoids, the natural plant pigments that give berries their bright colours, also help improve memory. The study found that women who consumed two or more servings of strawberries and blueberries each week delayed memory decline by up to two-and-a-half years.

4. Happy Days

A 2019(3) study analysed data from more than 40,000 participants in the UK and found that people who ate more fruits and vegetables reported a higher level of mental well-being and life satisfaction than those who ate less. Just one extra portion of fruits and vegetables a day could have an equivalent effect on mental well-being as around eight extra days of walking each month. 5. Good Contagions It’s been known for a long time that people adapt their behaviour to what they think is socially expected of them, and eating habits are no exception. A 2016 study(4) from the UK found that people who are told that other people in their social group eat lots of fruits and vegetables may try to do the same. The study found it may be more effective to highlight how much other people enjoy eating fruits and vegetables than to tell people they should eat them because they’re good for them.

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