When It Comes to Workplace Perks, Think Simple – Not Silicon Valley

When It Comes to Workplace Perks, Think Simple – Not Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley in the US, where tech start-ups reign, rent is astronomical, and attracting millennial talent is a war constantly fought on a similar scale to some of history’s greatest battles, companies are going out of their way (or perhaps out of their minds?) to offer the best and most exclusive perks to their employees.

According to Forbes magazine, Google, NASA, Facebook and Samsung have dedicated nap pods for workers to catch a snooze break while they’re on the clock. Software maker Qualtrics gives each employee $1,500 per year to spend on “experiences,” encouraging workers to take overseas vacations at the company’s expense. Tech company Genentech offers haircuts and spa treatments in the office, while Google goes even further – providing haircuts, car washes, dry cleaning services, massages, and laundry machines to keep their mostly millennial workforce happy on the job.

Intuit and Quicken Loans have game rooms so employees can literally play at work, while Adobe Systems has a climbing wall. The craziest perk yet? MParticle and BitSol Solutions have both introduced ‘fur-ternity leave’ – paid time off for employees who bring home new pets. While there’s no doubt that great perks help attract and retain top talent, there’s no need to install a climbing wall, put bunk beds in the copy room, or pay for Spot’s first round of obedience training to keep your employees feeling happy and appreciated at work.

There’s one sensible benefit that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google and Airbnb all offer to keep their workforce satisfied, energised, and (gasp!) productive throughout the day – free healthy food. Fruit is a benefit that’s easy to offer at your workplace, with fruit and vegetable boxes from Buyfruit.com.au. Buyfruit.com.au will deliver a selection of locally-grown produce to your workplace as often as you need, keeping your workforce happy at snack time and your socially-conscious millennials feeling proud to work for a company that supports Australia’s farmers and the local small businesses that operate around them.

Based in Brisbane and serving only Southeast Queensland, BuyFruit orders are filled by a trusted network of local fruit shops in a neighbourhood near you – so your produce is always fresh, seasonal, and top-quality, while your purchase supports regional growers and small businesses. That’s a perk that even Silicon Valley’s multi-billion dollar tech companies can’t provide.