Improve Your Employer Brand With Fruit

Improve Your Employer Brand With Fruit

Every business has a reputation. What people think of your company, the goods and services you provide, and your company’s history and vision for the future all come together to inspire a specific perception of your business in the marketplace – your company brand. For better or worse, your brand can be a powerful force influencing how people respond to your advertising, feel about your products, and talk to other people about your company.

Your company also has another brand, which is about how you’re perceived as an employer; your employer brand. To continue to attract top talent, you need a positive employer brand that makes people perceive your company as a great place to work – and the good news is, many of the things that contribute to a positive employer brand are easy and inexpensive to implement.

The bad news? A negative employer brand will affect your ability to recruit the best talent and cost you more to get workers on board. A 2016 study by the Harvard Business Review(1)  found that more than half of unemployed job-seekers would not accept a job at a company with a bad employer reputation at any salary. And with a smaller pile of applicants to choose from, companies with bad employer reputations can expect to pay a 10% premium in salary just to get someone in the job – after wasting twice as much time on the recruitment process.

Your employer brand doesn’t just affect the recruitment of new workers; it also affects employee retention and turnover. According to a 2015 LinkedIn report(2) , 83% of workers would leave their current employer if they were offered a job by a firm with a better employer reputation; however, a good employer reputation reduced employee turnover by 28%.

So how can you improve your employer brand? The first thing is to make sure your current workforce perceives you as a good employer before you even think about extending your employer branding efforts towards marketing for recruits. The benefits of working for your company need to be well-established, well-defined and proven successful with your current employees.

Satisfied employees will amplify your employer brand much more than any announcement from company executives – the LinkedIn report found that candidates trust a company’s employees three times more than they trust the company itself to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there.

Increasingly, candidates want to find jobs where they feel their employer values their health and wellness. Having a constant supply of fresh fruit and vegetables in the workplace from is an excellent way to show commitment to your employees. Another item on the ‘dream job’ wishlist?

Employers who have a company culture of ‘giving back’ and making a difference. Since your fruit box order supports local growers, suppliers, and small family-owned businesses like fruit and vegetable shops in your region, this is a great benefit to explain to your socially conscious employees.

A regular fruit box delivery is also the type of workplace perk that employees are likely to share on their social media – helping build your employer brand with people who don’t work for you yet.

When former, current, and future employees all see your company as a great place to work, you’ll reap the benefits, as a healthy business yields more growth. So, if you want a broader pool of candidates for open positions, lower recruiting costs per employee, less employee turnover, and higher company revenues, these are all great reasons to start thinking more about your employer brand – and to call or email today.