Attract and Retain Top Talent With a Healthy Perk at Work

Attract and Retain Top Talent With a Healthy Perk at Work

Recruiting top talent has never been simple, and many Queensland companies find that a lot of local new graduates have designs on skipping town to work for bigger, internationally known companies based in Sydney and Melbourne. There are plenty of ways to attract and retain the best new hires that don’t cost the earth, however, and the regular delivery of a fresh fruit and vegetable box from is one of them.

How is that possible? Could a simple, affordable box of fruits and vegetables really help you to get a new recruit to sign on the dotted sign with you instead of a competitor? Absolutely. And it’s not just because of what’s in the fruit and vegetable boxes themselves – it’s all about what they represent to your employees. That weekly delivery of fruits and vegetables could do much more to improve your employer brand (how current and potential employees think about your company) than you could ever imagine.

First of all, having a box of fruit and vegetables delivered regularly for employees to enjoy at their leisure demonstrates that your company cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees, even down to the ‘little things’ like free, healthy snacks. Plus, especially for younger, less-established workers, not having to pay for snacks out of their own pay is a major perk and will help your company stand out from the rest.

Increasingly, candidates say they want to find jobs where employers have a company culture of ‘giving back’ and making a difference in their communities. When you explain to your employees that your deliveries support local farmers, The Brisbane Produce Market, and your local fruit and vegetable shop (most operated as family businesses) that arranges the delivery, you’re also showing your commitment to supporting the local economy and helping to keep family and small businesses thriving. This is a great benefit to explain to your socially-conscious workers or prospective new hires – you never know, they may even have friends or family somewhere in Queensland’s fruit and vegetable industry, making this contribution to a worthy cause even more personal to them!

A regular fruit box delivery is also the type of workplace perk that employees are likely to share on their social media – helping build your employer brand with people who don’t even work for you yet. Most office spaces aren’t exactly ‘insta-worthy,’ but a vibrant, beautifully arranged delivery of local, seasonal fruit and vegetables? That’ll get the phone cameras out!

You’ll get the best boost from your fruit and vegetable box if you make it part of a fun, positive, company culture – who could resist working somewhere that has best-banana-smoothie challenges, or judges teams on weekly fruit-salad ‘Masterchef’ creations? Show that your office is a fun, friendly place to work that encourages creativity, and you should have no problems hiring and retaining top young talent.

To find out for yourself, call or email BuyFruit today and ask about how our fruit and vegetable box deliveries can help make your company a “wish-list” employer.