Why Having Fruit in the Office is a Good Financial Decision

Why Having Fruit in the Office is a Good Financial Decision

When it comes to making a tidy profit from your business, the principle seems solid enough: keep overheads as low as possible, because whatever ‘income’ doesn’t get eaten by ‘expenses’ becomes ‘profits.’ (Taxes exist to make this simple calculation much less simple, of course, but the basic idea still makes sense.)

It’s this reluctance to dip into company coffers for seemingly non-essential ‘expenses’ that prevents some businesses from doing easy, affordable things for their employees that would actually boost their bottom lines considerably – things like ordering regular fruit box deliveries from BuyFruit.com.au.

Fruit box deliveries? Surely that’s a luxury? Well, BuyFruit.com.au does deliver to your door lush, overflowing boxes of hand-picked delicious seasonal fruits from local growers and suppliers, so call it a luxury if you must – just one that will easily pay for itself.

That’s because when you invest in employee health and wellness, the ROI is huge. Consider these facts: employees with good health behaviours have lower absenteeism, employees with healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar have lower absenteeism, and employees who are not overweight or obese have less absenteeism. A 2010 study from Harvard University(1)  found that absenteeism costs fall by $2.73 for every dollar spent on health and wellness in the workplace.

Just as bad as absenteeism (‘sick days’) is presenteeism – days when your employee is at the workplace but isn’t productive. A 2012 study(2)  found that employees with an unhealthy diet were 66% more likely to have high presenteeism than those who regularly ate fruits and vegetables, resulting in substantially higher levels of lost productive work time.

While fruit box deliveries can cut both absenteeism and presenteeism, it’s the returns on your investment that are harder to measure directly that actually add up the fastest. Regular fruit box deliveries show your employees that you care about them and their health, and value their contribution to your company. This can help your business to improve employee job satisfaction, improve productivity, improve morale, attract and retain top-notch talent, improve employee energy levels at work, and improve team effectiveness.

Compared to more expensive health and wellness perks – like giving all your employees gym memberships, or setting up a gym in the office – a fruit box is an affordable alternative with all of the benefits and none of the pitfalls.

If you’re tired of chasing down workers who ‘chuck sickies’ constantly (or ready to scream at your co-worker who’s been sneezing at his desk for the last four days), it’s time to open the company wallet just a little and contact BuyFruit.com.au today. Treat the problem at its cause, don’t just treat the symptoms, and benefit from a happier, healthier, more productive workforce!

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